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Fractal offers a hassle-free, user-friendly launch pad solution and comprehensive customer identification service (KYC/AML).

We provide international regulatory compliance and intuitive UX, so you can focus on your product and community.

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Our Sevices


Proof of Identity

Global Identity document validity, proof of 155 countries with Fractal ID type and vintage database. Passports and national ID documents. User feedback for KYC / AML status. Document No check. Audit trail accessible through our RESTful API.

Proof of Address

FATF observation for money laundering and terrorist financing and token specific restrictions e.g. mainland China residents may not be eligible for participation due to local regulations. Document validity and anti fraud check.

Accredited institutional Investor checks

Additional requirements for residents of United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Canada: Prove confirmation, social security number (US) and min net worth and income proof

Beneficial Owner process

Investing on behalf of a company, the customer will have to provide company related documents. Beneficial owners with more than 25 % shares have to provide their personal information, proof of identity and proof of address as well.

AML via LexisNexis

Mitigate the risks of working with investors on negative lists as U.N. Security Council Sanctions Committees; The European Union’s Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP); The U.K. HM Treasury; Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) as well as Fractal own background checks according to the jurisdiction specific regulations.


Smooth investment process

Achieve high completion levels through our carefully designed, frictionless UX. Our contribution process results in more completed KYCs and a thoroughly positive experience for investors.

Secure, reliable infrastructure

Our audited infrastructure lives within Amazon AWS in Europe and auto-scales on demand. We commission regular penetration tests by white-hat hackers to guarantee best-in-class security.

Audited Smart Distribution Contracts

Our solution offers standard contracts supporting different sales mechanics ready for deployment, and audited by experts. Bespoke contract development and deployment to support contributions, refunds, and distribution of tokens, supported by a chain reconciliation layer.

Speedy deployment

Turnkey solution ready to kick-off in less than a week.

Fully GDPR compliant

Processes for and support with deletion, updation, access requests and breach notification to regulatory authorities. All servers are based in the EU.

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Pre-launch and launch,
raised 25 Mio. $

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Pre-launch and launch,
raised 15 Mio. $

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What our customers say

  • "Fractal was a true partner for our token exchange. They were along for the entire journey, conducted the KYC and provided a contribution platform. The day of launch went well, with any issues resolved quickly."


    Founder of Ocean

  • "All data we require is stored under the EU data protection laws (the strictest in the world), and we are using a German company, Fractal, to process the KYC. They have a deep expertise in banking and regulation."

    John Enevoldsen

    Head of Growth at Ocean

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